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25.02.2023 4 min

How to search and find your offers

This blog post will tell you more about searching and being found. When your is found, it can be experienced by others. For example, if you want to offer a herbal walk in Baden-Württemberg, then you already have
  • your 99active provider account
  • an created
  • and published on the marketplace.
Your on our marketplace
Your becomes a Google Event
We create a Google Event for your Herbal Tour. This gives your tour more visibility. Anyone searching the internet for "events near me" or "herbal tour" will see your offer in the search results. In the "Information and Tickets" section, 99active.com will be found and the "Tickets" button will be available. Your customers will get their tickets easily and comfortably and your list of participants will fill up.
Your becomes a Google Maps Listing
We promote your on various social media platforms
We have implemented cross-sharing on social media so that your is seen by as many people as possible. Our marketplace is published on Facebook, so potential customers can search for "herbal tour" on Facebook and find your . This way they will be aware of you and come back to 99active to book their ticket. Your participant list will quickly fill up.

But that's not all. We've also created a Telegram and Instagram community channel where we post about new , suppliers and moments experienced. This is a great way to promote your tour and reach your target audience.
We'll send you a promotional poster with a QR code to go with your
Once you've listed your in our marketplace, we'll email you a printable poster that you can put up in local bakeries or shops. These posters are a great way to generate more interest in your and attract customers who might not have found you otherwise.

By promoting your in local shops or hairdressers, you'll increase awareness and attract new customers. We've already tried this strategy and found that shop owners were happy to put up the posters. In our experience, ticket sales started very quickly shortly after the posters were put up.

So this is a great way to promote your offer locally and attract more customers.
In summary
We want to make sure your is front and centre and that everyone knows there is always something to experience at 99active.

If you're an expert in your field and offer courses, workshops, tours or adventures, 99active is the perfect marketplace for you to share your knowledge and experience. Whether you're an experienced mountain climber, a yoga expert or a passionate cook, 99active gives you the opportunity to share your skills with others and earn money in the process.

Are you ready to share your rare, crazy and wonderful skills with the world? Join us, together we make the world more active.