act to be happy

At 99active, we believe in the power of joy and happiness. Our vision is simple: to bring people together through unforgettable activities. Our curated experts are more than just professionals—they're passionate individuals who infuse each act with joy and excitement. From uncovering hidden gems with enthusiastic tour guides to unleashing creativity in workshops led by talented artisans, every act is a celebration of life and happiness. Join us in our mission to act to be happy.

No More Vouchers

At 99active we stick to our principle: Every act ticket is a promise of an activity waiting to be lived. No vouchers. Why? Because we believe in real moments, real experiences. Vouchers often collect dust, unfulfilled dreams.
Painting Class for Children

Goodbye Subscriptions

Horseriding Course for Beginners
At 99active we uphold a commitment for the moment, not for a lifetime. We value the freedom to choose experiences based on the mood, eradicating subscriptions and long-term commitments.

Handpicked Experts Only

At 99active, handpicked professionals share their expertise. From adventurous hiking guides uncovering hidden trails to skilled chefs hosting culinary masterclasses, each act guarantees an unforgettable experience.
Surfkurs an der Nordsee

Live and active Learning

Crocketing Course
At 99active, we hold a strong belief in the significance of real experiences. Our acts unfold as live, real-time experiences — no prerecorded videos.

Authentic activities

At 99active, we prioritize authentic connections above all. Our platform is a stage where providers and participants engage in real, meaningful interactions. Every act embodies the authenticity of personal expression.
Rooftop Yoga Class

Our Values

We promote the development of active act Communities. People with similar interests and hobbies exchange ideas and experience things together.
We promote the joy of experiencing, learning, and trying out new activities. We aim to inspire people to discover the magic in the moment.
We promote uniqueness. We are constantly curious about which individual skills can be passed on to the next generation.
We promote trust in one's own abilities. Knowledge and experiences are valuable to us and are given the stage of the actStore.

We foster trust in each individual. Every day is a good moment to experience something new together.