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Share Your Talent

If you’ve got skills in fitness, sports, dancing, music, biking, hiking, painting or any other particluar interest and want to share them, we suggest you sign up and create an act to earn income with your skills..

Don’t Be Talented And Bored

Do you have a hidden talent?
A secret passion you want to share with the world?
How does making extra cash sharing that talent sound?
Wouldn’t it be brilliant to build new friendships and networks?

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Experiencing Everyone’s Talent Together

It’s never been a better time to share your passion with the world.

99active.com is the place where your passion becomes an exciting experience for others.

Our online live act marketplace is where you can connect with locals and tourists by sharing what you love. Maybe it’s pottery class or hiking or water sports.

It can be anything you have a talent and passion for that you can share as an experience. You can also cook something delicious. Food always connects.

Talking Is Silver. Doing Is Gold.

Try how your own talent would pay as an act provider with our calculator and act creation tool.

Are you looking for extra inspiration to take your idea to the next level?

How It Works For You As A Provider

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1 Create an act

Sign up for free. Create unique experiences in form of an act (activity).

A ticket

2 Sell act Tickets

Through our marketplace we sell your tickets and handle all payment transactions.

Money bills

3 Get Paid

Get paid to your bank account and receive the needed documents for your accounting.

More About The Process

Start Your Live Skill Sharing

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Offer your unique adventures that inspire others and make the world a better place - join 99active.com for FREE today and start selling tickets for your live acts. Start your live-skill-sharing, share your skills with new friends. And make some extra cash.

Still uncertain? Visit our broad FAQs and we show you how everything works in detail.

You Want To Know More Right Now…

What is an act?

Let us introduce you to acts Experience, activity, adventure, guided tour or a course. An act can have many faces and we are curious how you can show each one of them. We can be active in so many ways. Let us call all of them act.

What can I sell?

Sell your skills. Become a provider. As unique as every face is, as unique is every act. Uniqueness comes from your very skills, skills you can provide by offering your act, whether you're in Art, Music, Hiking, Lifestyle, Food or Free Climbing. Everyone got something to provide. Here, you can sell it. You can offer a course, a guided tour or an adventure how often you like. Create a single act or an act series for weekly or monthly act performance.

How much time will I need to invest?

Time is precious. We know that. That's why we want you to spend as little time as possible. Creating your first act can take about 30 minutes. Depends on your writing skills and how long you want to search for a nice title image. If you want to offer your act again, just copy & paste, change the date and check your descriptions. 5 Minutes. Done and published. We take care about your act publishing on the marketplace, selling your tickets, managing ticket returns and all the needed financial transactions. You observe how your participant list fills up and you think about how to make your act an experience for the participants. Spend your time providing excellent uniqueness with your acts and less time designing.

How do I get paid?

Payday. We transfer each earned revenue straight to your Bank Account after your act was performed. Just perform an amazing act, leave us your IBAN and you will receive your money in 5-7 days.

How much does it cost?

Your acts and skills are invaluable. We value that. Becoming a provider is free. You do what you do best and offer your acts. We handle the ticket selling, the customer payment and the ticket returning for you. Once everything is done and your act is performed, we take a service fee of 10% of your ticket price. That's all. No hidden fees. Calculate your act revenue: Calculator

Who can set up a provider account?

Anybody can become a provider on 99active. Whether you’re new to the game or an established experience provider, our platform has everything you need. You can be a company or a private person. You only need to have the skills to provide your experience.

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