How it works - the page for act providers

On this page you will find many useful links for you as act provider. Try out how your idea looks like in the act Store. Calculate your revenue with our act calculator. Or see how the process works from act thinking up and creating an act to the payment of your revenues to your bank account.


Test your own act idea

Here you can try out how your idea would look in the act store.

Try out act examples
test your own idea
possible without registration

act Calculator

Good service has its price. Charge fair prices that cover your costs and value your service.

Calculate act ticket prices
Calculate fair prices
Calculate act revenues

act Process

Look at what steps happen one after another.

act thinking up and create
act Store publishing
act Tickets online selling
act Revenues to your bank account

act Series Process

For all providers who want to offer regular weekly or monthly acts.

act Series create and save
single acts publishing on the Store
80 % act admin effort reduction

Our service for you as a provider

5-Minutes from the act creation to ticket sales
Offer weekly or monthly recurring acts
act Store Publication without waiting time
Advertising poster for each act
Online ticket selling and payment handling
Ticket sales statistics and list of participants
act Reminder email for participants
act Participant list for providers
act Store for providers
Set act ticket booking and return period
act Newsletter for the upcoming days
act Workspaces - all functions where you need them

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