Our service for act providers and act participants

Our comprehensive service opens the door to a world of experiences. With the act Store, we operate the meeting place for act providers and act participants. Whether you're looking for unique experiences or want to share your own expertise. The 99active act store is the place where people and opportunities connect.

Our Service for act Providers

Workspace für deine act Angebote
My Offers

All your acts are organized at one place.

  • Participant List
  • Sales Stats
  • act copy - paste
Workspace für deine Finanzen
My Financials

All financial transactions at one place.

  • Overview
  • Dowload documents
  • Download list
Deine Homepage auf 99active.com
My act Store

You'll get your own act Store. Share the link.

  • Your own Store
  • One Link to share
  • Your reference page

Service list for act Providers

5-Minutes from act creation to ticket sales
Provide weekly or monthly recurring acts
act Store publication without waiting
Advertising poster for each act
Sell tickets online and we handle the payment
Ticket sales statistics and participant list
act Reminder email for participants
act Participant list for providers
act Store for providers
Set ticket booking and return period
act Newsletter for the next few days
act Workspaces clearly and intuitively

Our Service for act Participants

Discover unforgettable moments on your doorstep with 99active. Our comprehensive service brings unique activities and experiences directly to you. Immerse yourself, enjoy, and be inspired by the diversity. Your active life starts here.

Workspace für deine Ticketbuchungen
Know what is going on

The act store keeps you up to date

  • Informs about local acts
  • Learning from experts on site
  • Experience in small groups
Workspace für dein act Feedback
Ticket Service

From online booking to payment and confirmation

  • Buy tickets online
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Ticket by email
Workspace für Ticket Rückgaben
Email Service

Our emails are always there when you need them.

  • act Ticket confirmation
  • act Reminder
  • act Newsletter

Service list for act Participants

choose an act and book your ticket online
Pay by direct debit from your bank account, Paypal or credit card
Ticket and invoice by email
act reminder email one day before it starts
User account with many benefits, such as ticket return
act bookings clearly stored
act newsletter every Wednesday

We still have many good ideas

We are constantly working to polish our service - with one goal: to make regions bubble and unite people in unforgettable live moments. We're like the stage for talented providers to really show off their skills. Together, let's conjure up the 'wow' in your day!