An Alternative Approach to Meditation

09.05.2024 4 min reading time

5 Creative Alternatives

Relaxation through Gentle Creative Activities
Moments of mindfulness, yoga, or daily meditation can help reduce stress, lower anxiety and ease feelings of depression. But it may not be the right answer for you. Some people find it simply boring and pointless. Feelings of relentless restlessness crawling down your spine. Unable to let it go and relax. If anything it makes you more tense. Your busy mind stops you from feeling the things you want to feel from meditation.

Can you relate?

I’ve got to tell you. There are other alternatives to get the same effects as you would from meditation and yoga without sitting cross-legged chanting “ommmmm”. Have you ever considered creative activities as a relaxation method?

Not many people have or do. And that’s the problem. Whether it's shaping clay, painting on canvas, knitting a tank top, or taking a stroll around a lake. Gentle, repetitive activities interrupt the flow of rapidly changing thoughts that usually occupy our minds. This has the same effect as meditation. These gentle activities can lower blood pressure, reduce your heart rate, and deepen your breathing. All that leads to a sense of calm and relaxation. The whirlwind of thoughts flashing through your mind finally gets a break. So instead of struggling with a hate of meditation and yoga, choose one of our 5 creative alternatives you can do in as little as 20 minutes a day to relax.

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5 Creative Alternatives to Meditation
Gather a Bouquet of Flowers

Take a serene stroll through the meadows to collect daisies, clover, and bluebells. And then arrange them into a charming bouquet for the Mother's Day table. It's a peaceful activity to help you unwind and find tranquillity.

Take a Walk by the Lake

Stroll by the lake and let the gentle breeze caress your face. Observe the graceful movements of birds gliding on the water. And find peace with each step you take.

Cook an Asparagus Soup

Prepare a delicious asparagus soup with a simple recipe. Enjoy the soothing rhythm of gathering and preparing the ingredients. Then savour the satisfaction of ladling out each comforting spoonful as you unwind with every step of the cooking process.

Carve a Stick

Take a moment to carve a stick. Let the rhythmic motion of the knife guide you into a state of mindfulness. Reconnect with your ancient ancestry. Enjoy the simple pleasure of shaping wood and immerse yourself in the present moment, finding calm with each stroke.

Draw a Picture

Take a moment to draw a picture. Allow the movement of the pencil to guide your thoughts and emotions. Whether it's a simple sketch of a tree, your coffee cup, or your table lamp, let the act of drawing bring you into a state of mindfulness and inner peace.

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Let’s summarise
Today, you’ve learned there isn't one restrictive path to relaxation. Finding relaxation can be as diverse as people themselves.

While classical meditation certainly benefits many, others find their peace and serenity in gentle creative activities. It's about finding your own path that suits you and promotes inner balance within your body and mind. So, let's allow ourselves to meditate in our own unique way and relax through gentle activities.

Enjoy your moment because every day is an opportunity to make the most of the here and now.

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