99active is now live in the UK

15.06.2024 4 min reading time

Calling all creators

Transform your local region with 99active
If you're a creative, you already know you have so much talent, skill and passion to share, right? But maybe what you don’t realise is that in sharing your skills you can also create meaningful connections and enhance your community.

And if you’re in the UK, we’re excited to invite you to be a part of the UK launch of 99active this month—a movement dedicated to enriching every corner of the country with unique, immersive experiences designed by locals, for locals.

How to get involved and share your passion

At 99active, we believe in the power of local talent. Whether you're an expert in traditional crafts, a guru of the great outdoors, or an artist with a flair for the modern, there's a place for you here. By becoming a provider, you can turn your passion into a thriving venture and contribute to the cultural fabric of your region.

But what does it mean to become a provider on 99active?

It means you get your own dedicated online space to offer your unique skills and talents in the form of experiences in your local area. We call experiences 'acts' because you are the rockstar of your experience, taking to the stage and putting on an amazing show for your participants. And making real changes in their lives as you teach, entertain, and share.

And the big problem is that people in your local region are crying out for unique gigs that get them out of their mundane ‘normal’ day-to-day living and into something exciting that enriches their minds, bodies and souls. So can you be the one to meet the local demand for experiences?

Pottery Class
Meet the Demand for local leisure activities
As we just mentioned, there's a growing market of individuals and families eager to explore new hobbies and learn traditional skills. They're looking for more than just a pastime. They want meaningful experiences and connections. As a 99active provider, you'll meet this demand head-on, offering activities that resonate with people’s desire for authenticity and hands-on engagement.

Showcase your region's unique charm
Every region of the UK has its own unique charm and history. What do you love about your local region? What special experiences do you think locals should be having? Because there is no limit to the imagination when it comes to creating unique and wonderful (even weird) acts on our platform. By offering your acts through 99active, experience providers who often go unnoticed will gain visibility, fostering a community where participants rely on the platform for discovering local activities.

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Highland Adventures

Lead hiking tours through Scotland's majestic Highlands, sharing the rich history and breathtaking landscapes with eager explorers.

Cornish Crafting

Teach traditional Cornish pottery or pasty-making workshops, allowing participants to connect with the region's cultural heritage in a hands-on way.

London's Artistic Heart

Host urban sketching or street photography sessions in London, guiding participants through the city's iconic and hidden gems.

Welsh Woodworking

Offer wood carving classes in the lush valleys of Wales, passing on age-old techniques and the stories behind them.

UK Highlands
Engage with a community of learners
Times have changed. People are looking for more than just leisure now. They want to learn, grow, and build connections. As a 99active provider, you’ll create opportunities for these interactions, fostering a community of curious, like-minded individuals. Your act could be the catalyst for new friendships, collaborative projects, and a deeper appreciation of local culture.

Imagine the possibilities open to you with 99active. And imagine how these possibilities will help shape and form your participant's experiences beyond the time they spend with you.

Offer your acts all year round

Our platform is designed to support activities all year round, not just during tourist season. We make it easy for you to offer seasonal or ongoing acts. Whether it’s summer hikes in the Lake District or cosy winter knitting circles in the Yorkshire dales, 99active ensures that your region is engaging and full of life, no matter the season.

Join us in making every region better

See just how easy it is to reconnect with yourself and find inner peace by creating with your own hands. The textures on your skin. The gentle movements as you craft. The satisfaction when you have something you made. Something that came completely from you. This is the inspiring deeper emotional connection that leads to transformation.

By becoming a provider with 99active, you're not just offering an activity; you're contributing to a movement that makes every region of the UK a better place to live and experience.

Your unique skills and passions can transform local leisure time, providing enriching experiences that build stronger, more connected communities.

Ready to share your talents and make a lasting impact? Join 99active today and let’s create a tapestry of experiences that highlight the best of what the UK has to offer. Together, we can make every region a hub of creativity, learning, and meaningful connections. Are you in?

Sign up now to become a 99active provider. Explore. Inspire. Connect. Transform.