Easter Hunt

29.03.2024 4 min

Seeking Providers

A Warm Welcome to All,
99active is a marketplace dedicated to preserving forgotten crafts, hobbies, and talents. From centuries-old woodworking techniques to intricate calligraphy and traditional culinary arts, 99active provides these treasures with a new opportunity. It's about passing on our rich knowledge by connecting those eager to learn with experienced experts who do what they love and share their knowledge in courses and workshops.

Together, we provide a platform for these valuable skills. At 99active, we take Easter as an opportunity to begin the search for talented providers ready to offer their unique skills in courses and workshops. Spring is finally here, bringing with it the perfect time to get creative and enjoy nature. Yet, while there are so many great ideas, the right providers to implement them are often lacking.
Here are 10 special activities for which we're currently seeking providers!
Crafting for Kids

Who has a passion for crafting and would like to create spring decorations with children?

Herbal Walk for Adults

Who is an herbal expert and would like to introduce others to medicinal plants from nettle to wild garlic?

Creative Writing Workshop for Adults

Who has an affinity for writing and would like to inspire others to put their thoughts on birthday cards?

Garden Adventure for Kids

Who is a lover of gardening and would like to teach children about gardening?

Analog Photography Course for Adults

Who has a passion for analog photography and would like to show others the charm of this traditional art?

Outdoor Experience for Kids

Who prefers nature over the sofa and would like to introduce children to the secrets of nature?

Green Relaxation for Adults

Who is a yoga teacher or meditation instructor interested in offering outdoor classes?

Outdoor Easter Egg Hunt for Kids

Who loves traditions and would like to organize an Easter Egg Rally for children and their families?

Bike Tour for Adults

Who is a biking pro, knows a beautiful area, and would like to offer bike tours for those who don't like riding alone?

Land Art for Kids

Who is an art therapist and would like to show children the fascination of land art?

Whether you're an experienced professional or simply an expert in your field
At 99active, we're looking for talented providers willing to teach others their skills.

Become a provider at 99active and share your talent with others! Let's build a community together where valuable knowledge is appreciated once again. Join our platform and inspire others with your skills!
Tell us what you'd like to learn!
At 99active, we connect people with experts to revive forgotten crafts and hobbies. Let us know what interests you, and we'll help you find the perfect provider who offers a course or workshop to ignite your enthusiasm! 🌷🐣🌿