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21.06.2023 3 min

It’s live and waiting for your talents and skills

We’re looking for talented people and passionate experts
... to join in our mission to skillshare and bring joy to people’s lives. The new Store is the digital ticket sales and marketing platform that enables you to offer your skills, share your knowledge and create exceptional experiences. It’s an online store for live experiences where people look for exciting activities.

By selling your '' through the Store, you bring your expertise to people craving something new and exciting in their lives. You get to build your own community in your region!

Imagine your always fully booked and always enriching the lives of your customers. Creating unforgettable moments. That’s what the store is all about.

So, are you a talented provider ready to wow people with your unique ?

Yes? Then we invite you to fill the Store with your creativity and passion. Create your provider account to get started.

The Store provides you a unique platform to offer your individual indoor and outdoor activities. Whether you're an artist, musician, chef, yoga instructor or expert in another field, you can showcase your talents locally and build an enthusiastic community.

Seize this opportunity to be one of the first providers to share their experiences on the Store. And watch as people once again learn to appreciate the magic in the every day with your offers.

Unleash your creativity
The Store is your marketplace to unleash your creativity and offer your skills in your region. Whether you offer art workshops, cooking classes, outdoor adventures, wellness retreats or any other custom , our platform gives you the opportunity to showcase your talent and inspire others to share the moment with you.

Let your imagination run wild and create that leave a lasting impression on your participants.
How 99active’s Store can benefit you
We know that managing your can be time-consuming and overwhelming. That's why we offer you a comprehensive all-in-one solution. Here’s what the Store can do for you…

Wave goodbye to admin tasks
Our platform takes care of

  • ticket sales
  • payment processing
  • email communication with ticket customers
  • marketing,
  • customer support

So all you have to do is focus on what you do best: creating exceptional for your customers.
Build up your clientele
Everyone’s happy when something’s offered 'on their doorstep'. People get to know each other quickly and word gets around. So you don't have to constantly look for new customers.

If you inspire your customers with your , the gossip in the region is faster than the internet.

Good experiences get talked about. Your happy customers bring you new customers. Each you create builds a vibrant community where you can make new contacts and interact with others. The beauty of it is, you build up regular customers in your region.
Regular Customer Party
Create your perfect work-life balance
You decide when it's a good time to offer your . If you want to offer forest adventures for smaller children with their mothers, maybe you are on parental leave yourself, then every morning of the week would be a good time.

If you want to offer after-work yoga, evening hours are good. Hikes and bike rides sell well on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday mornings are one of the best booked times for 2-hour .

But you’re in full control of your schedule at all times. So you can build your perfect work-life balance.
Hiking act
Get online visibility
Have you built a homepage or created a social media channel yet?

If you have, after putting all your thought and time into it, you probably watched it disappear on the internet. it’s not on page one of the search. You’re invisible!

People don't know what to search for to find your page. And advertising is super expensive. When you bring your to the 99active Store you will be found. We’ll remove your invisibility cloak and put you in front of customers. And we also bring your to the Google event calendar. So your becomes a Google event, which can be found well.

And as if that wasn't enough, We’ll also share your Store on our social media platforms so that they can be found there as well.

Get local visibility too
So you can be found locally, we’ll send you a ready-made promotional poster by email right after the release of your . You can then hang it up in local stores. And we’ve found that this works super well for local advertising.
Are you passionate about bringing active and vibrant activities to your region?
Get your on the Store now. It’s live and waiting for your talents and skills. The more providers bring their to the Store, the more regions become active. The more people experience together. The more memories are created. More and more small communities are created. And wonderful offers are found and booked more and more.

Be a part of something new and wonderful at 99active!