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26.01.2023 2 min

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Do you dream of having adventures, learning new skills, or just enjoying nature?

With 99active, you can experience all of that and much more.

We are an all-in-one experience platform of adventures, activities, experiences, workshops, tours, and courses - we say for short.

Our mission is to make your life more active and connect people of all ages in beautiful moments shared together.

But before we can really get started, we’re facing a classic chicken-and-egg problem... You see, we don’t have many experience providers (the chicken). And this means we don’t have many customers (the egg) either. So we need to know what came first, the chicken or the egg. But this problem can never be solved. So what if we could bring them both at the same time?

To solve our problem and start building our 99active community, we're kicking off January with a survey on

What activities do you enjoy in your spare time?

We want you to tell us what you’d like to like to experience. This way, we can find providers in your local area that can provide these amazing experiences to you.

By bringing providers with great skills, matched to what you like to do we’ll be able to create the best of both worlds. A world where you can find experiences to enjoy your "vacation hour of the day".

So, what are you waiting for?

Let's bring a daily hour of vacation into everyday life together and make our lives more active and fun. Take part in our survey and tell us what you would like to experience today by answering the quick questions below

Your 99active Team Made for an active Life