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31.12.2022 5 min

Put yourself out there

Keeping traditions alive in a fast-moving and ever-changing world is tough. But it’s also one of 99active’s main missions. In a world where the average adult spends at least 3.5 hours a day glued to their phone screens, we want to be the difference.

But people are tired of the same old experiences - “been there, done that”. So we’re encouraging people like you to put yourself out there and share your skills, passions, and traditions. In 2023, we want to see more people out and about experiencing life instead of killing brain cells gawking at a phone screen or television.

So roll up your sleeves and take a look at our short article on the importance of sharing skills and keeping traditions alive in your local community. Whether it's local cuisine, local activities, local guides, etc. we know you have the skills to share.

In this post we’ll discuss

  • Who should share their skills
  • Why it’s important you share your skills
  • The top 3 benefits you get from sharing your skills

So let’s dive into it…

Who should share their skills?

Everybody has at least one skill. And sharing that skill is a gift to others. At 99active, we firmly believe that anyone can share their skills because if you have a passion you have something to share. Let’s see if we can inspire you to start sharing your skills with the most common reasons people offer on 99active:

You’re Retired

In your later years in life, you don’t have to stop. You never have to “really retire”. You can use your life experiences and wisdom to share your skills with the younger generations. Those who are retired are also most likely to know the local traditions and are most equipped to keep them alive in the community.

Are you recently retired and looking for something exciting to do to fill your time? Sign up free as a provider on 99active to share your skills and earn a little extra income.

You have spare time

If you’re tired of spending mind-numbing hours on electronic devices and feeling like a worn-down battery at the end of each day, you need to infuse your spare time with exciting activities. You need to reignite your passion for your hobbies and skills. Then you can share them with the world to spread the love.

You have a passion for something

Do you have a passion? Something you feel very strongly about? Something you couldn’t live without? This is the passion we love to see from our providers. Having a passion often means you have a message you care about - a purpose you feel inclined to share. Passion is an emotion that drives inspiration. So when you share the skills you’re passionate about, you’ll inspire your customers. They might even take up your passion for themselves. And what’s better than sharing your passion with the world?

You want to make some extra cash on the side

Maybe you’re saving up for something. Or maybe you’re just looking to make some extra cash to enjoy your life more. Becoming a provider on 99active gives you the ability to easily make extra income on your schedule. You can offer your by sharing your skills at times and dates that suit you. So why not invest time in sharing your skills on weekends?

Why is it important you share your skills?

So many people have amazing skills and knowledge but choose to keep them to themselves…

  • The retired wood craftsman sitting in his cabin by himself
  • The avid hiker that walks alone
  • The secret master chef whose food you can smell wafting down the street yet only shares their delectable food with their family

So many skills and so much knowledge left without being shared. Know this…

Your knowledge is valuable to others.

That last sentence is so important we’ll say it again.

Your knowledge is valuable to others.

You may think nobody would be interested in learning your skill. You’d be wrong. People are actively searching for experiences that expand their horizons. Something new, something different. You have the skills and knowledge that are golden to other people. Especially as some skills are dying out. You can keep them alive by sharing them. This is why it’s so important you share your skills and distribute your knowledge.

The top 3 benefits you get from sharing your skills

1. Sharing your skills gives you a strong sense of purpose

A recent survey in the UK revealed that over 90% of young people feel their life lacks purpose. This is a sad statistic. But we share it to hammer home this important benefit of increasing your happiness by doing what you love. Do you feel like your life lacks purpose?

Sharing your skills and knowledge with others is a great way to rejuvenate yourself and feel more fulfilled in your life. Doing something you’re passionate about will help give your life purpose.

2. Sharing your skills helps you grow

When you share the skills you’re teaching you continuously grow your own knowledge and may notice that you have many more skills yourself. The great thing about this benefit is that it’s a two-sided blade. You grow from sharing your skills and the people you teach also grow from learning them.

This collaborative, community environment creates a space where everybody grows. Everybody gets a little better, a little more knowledge. It’s inspiring to imagine, right?

3. Sharing your skills keeps you motivated

Everyone always says “love what you do”. But for most, love what you doing won’t pay the bills or put food on your plate. So many people wind up in a job they aren't particularly passionate about. This leads to a lack of purpose, which pushes you down a slippery slope of unhappiness and depression.

Bummer note there, but the domino effect of lack of motivation is all too real. So this benefit is actually one of the most important ones. If you’re feeling a lack of motivation in your life, you can pull yourself up and over the ridge of unhappiness by getting out, socialising and sharing your skills with others. It’s a win-win situation.

Are you ready to start sharing your rare, weird, and wonderful skills with the world? You can test-drive 99active before you create your first without paying a cent.

Got skills or expertise you want to share with the world? Set up your free 99active provider account today and reap the benefits of keeping tradition and skill-sharing alive.

Love what you do