Sunset and picnic

30.07.2022 3 min

Hiking with friends

What if the warm evening sun shines in our faces

faces are illuminated by the sun, shadows become longer, laughter increases, everyone starts walking and telling stories. From a stressful day we run into a relaxed night.

In mid-July 2022 on the evening of the full moon, we set out with a small wonderful group to enjoy the sunset. We had packed our backpacks full with lots of homemade picnic goodies. The hiking boots laced up tight and another jacket stuffed into the backpack. We knew it was going to be super cold when the sun went down and its warm rays no longer warmed our faces and bodies.

We met at a parking lot at the "Große Tanne" in Unterstmatt and started running full of verve and enthusiasm. Later we slowed down our pace and hiked more relaxed into the evening. The forest smelled wonderfully fresh of pines and firs and fresh moss. We relaxed more and more from our hectic day. Along the way, blueberries were slowly ripening. Wonderfully many there are this year. One berry more beautiful than the other. Super tasty. Super healthy. We tried a few. Our tongues turned blue. The laughter got louder.

Halfway up, the trail got steeper, the adventure got bigger. We climbed up the mountain for another half hour across big rocks. The backpack was getting heavy. We were warm and wanted to reach our picnic meadow. With each step we took up the mountain, the clouds in the sky dissipated and the sun came out more and more. By the time we reached the top of the mountain, the clouds were gone. Now the highlight of the evening could begin.

We unpacked our backpacks. From homemade baguettes, cheese, vegetables from the garden, red wine and almonds in cocoa, everything had been distributed and stowed in our backpacks. We had carried a real little picnic buffet up the mountain. The sun was beaming so warmly in our faces, the view stretched all the way to Strasbourg and the Rhine. Beautiful. We enjoyed our picnic. Told a few more stories. As the sun slowly set, the conversations died down and each of us took in the moment. Let it take effect and was impressed by the power of the moment.

Slowly we packed everything back up, everything was still very quiet. We hiked up the meadow a bit to the crest of the mountain. It was magical. The full moon was waiting for us to light our way down into the valley. Our tour ended with a night hike lightly illuminated by the moon. A little over hill and dale. Over roots, past waterfalls back to the valley. A magical night and a moment that ended with the words “when are we going up again”.

This magical night showed us again how wonderful joint ventures are. How good it feels to climb the mountain late in the evening after a super stressful day. After the hike, any stress from work was no longer felt. Despite the effort, we were all mega relaxed afterwards. Full of memories.

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