Biking in June

25.05.2022 3 min

One hour vacation every day

Fun with friends on the daily bike ride

As avid cyclists, we can’t deny how good it feels to ride a bike with the breeze blowing in our faces and touching our souls. For us, cycling is a very exciting way to move in nature.

When we have spent the whole day at the computer to make our service more attractive and intuitive for you, a round on the bike in the evening is just good. The whole body is moved, the pulse rate is raised a little, the metabolism is revved up and a round of real sweating takes place. The many thoughts of the day fly away with the wind. Everything feels lighter, freer and fresher.

If we want to support an active lifestyle with our service, then we live our days actively and according to the motto: “One hour vacation a day”. Since we started with the conception of 99active, we live out these active moments of the day. Every day of the year. Very often on the bike. We can go slow or fast. Depending on our form of the day. Sometimes it’s a tour to power out. Other times it’s a tour for dreamers.

Friends of ours told us about the “Elberadweg”, told us about unique nature and wonderful culture. They told us about magnificent palaces, castles and dreamy half-timbered houses. About the fresh breeze of the Elbe that blew around their noses. With its 1,300 km length, the Elberadweg is a dreamlike journey of discovery for many vacation weeks in the years to come. For us, even one section in the evening would be enough. Best with a bicycle guide who can tell something about the nature. Anecdotes about incidents from long ago to report has. A bike guide who can take us to another era with his stories about the princes of bygone days. A bike guide who brings to life the history of art or music along the Elberadweg.

We find it incredibly rewarding to make our daily rounds in a group in the evening or on the weekend.

Feel free to tell us about your bike rides. Do you ride alone? Do you always ride the same route? Would you like to go for a ride with a bike guide in the evening? Do you ride an e-bike, city bike, mountain bike or road bike?

Share your experience, write a mail to Paula@99active.com

Do you feel like making the world a little more active?

For all you experienced bike gurus, bike guides among you, if you want to make the world a little more active with us and inspire people to go on a bike tour, offer a tour.

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Together we experience the most beautiful moments.