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26.04.2022 3 min

cooking & food, watercolor, baking

Dinner with friends (age 40-59)

Cooking together connects and becomes a shared experience. The best conversations take place in the kitchen. And even some frustration quickly turns into enjoyment and cheerfulness. Cooking together has an effect on physical and mental well-being. The experience of preparing a good meal from fresh, healthy ingredients fills you with pride and satisfaction. When cooking, we become creative and curious, transforming recipes in different ways. And everyone who is in the kitchen has another good tip from their experience.

There are plenty of people who can cook very well. A lot have even learned quite tranditional recipes from mother or grandma. Others cook dishes from the cultures of distant countries. Many cook from and with passion.

We are looking for passionate cooks or amateur cooks who organize wonderful of cooking together or joint dinners with friends and brunches.

Watercolor painting (age 60-75)

An opportunity for adults and senior citizens to channel their inner Pablo Picasso or if you want, you can bring out your inner Bob Ross. People who enjoy watercolor painting and wish to improve aren’t merely interested in making just lovely pictures. They do it because it is a fun-filled way to spend time and create a world of their own. Everyone needs a burst of creativity every now and then, watercolor painting is a sure fire way to get active. When we’re calm and deliberate, we find respite, escape the stress and discover purpose. Watercolors are one method of achieving this. Watercolor painting necessitates thought, precise application and a project - a goal to strive for.

It’s perfect time that we set aside for ourselves, and when we paint, we slow down to locate whatever we might require at the right time therefore developing focus. It also helps to improve our view of nature and encourages channeling our inner creativity.

We are looking for passionate artists and watercolor specialist. Looking for instructors. Do you want to offer your first freelance creative live ?

Cake baking afternoon (age 70 above)

Cake baking is not just about making sweet cakes and cookies, it helps to improve creativity. Just like painting, baking is an art that involves focus and attention and thus helps to improve cognitive thinking. Cake baking also helps to improve communication and self-expression. Baking is therapeutic and the joy of doing something for others is fulfilling as well. The activities in cake baking are engaging and help to reduce stress.

According to a post by huffpost.com “Baking necessitates a lot of undivided attention. You must measure quantities and concentrate physically as well. If you concentrate on the smell and taste, on being present with what you’re making, you can reduce stress by practicing mindfulness in the current moment.”

Baking is a great way to get active and exercise the mind.

We are looking for experienced hobby bakers who organize beautiful baking afternoons.

Do you feel like making the world a little more active?

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