May - Children and Teens Adventures

22.04.2022 3 min

Meditation, Slackline Adventure, Tennis Fun Games

Meditation for children (age 1-5)

For thousands of years, meditation, or the practice of self-awareness in the body and mind, has been regarded as a natural, accessible technique to control our stress response and create good quality health. Meditation is often seen as an activity for adults but at 99active.com, we believe that even kids and children aged 1-5 can engage in meditation. Kids can use meditation to assist their brains in the developmental stages of life and it’s better to start early. It helps to activate important parts of their minds and brains as well.

We are looking for meditation teachers and trainers who are offering activities such as breathing exercises, anger and frustration management and morning meditations that can help kids develop good habits and healthy living. The benefits of meditation for kids are limitless. We hope to help young kids develop healthy living from a young age.

Slackline Adventure (age 6-13)

At 99active, we have a lot of backyard adventures created for kids such as our fun-filled slackline adventures. Slacklining is a great activity for kids of all ages to improve their balancing skills while also strengthening their core and gaining confidence. Slacklines are a huge hit with children because they combine so many of their favorite activities: balance, bouncing, falling and physical activeness. Slacklining is a total body workout that increases core strength and balance, boosts attention and confidence. It also keeps kids active by getting them outside!

We are looking for Slackliners, Slackline Gurus, Coaches for Slackline who offer on 99active.

that promote a sense of togetherness among children and become a fun adventure.

Tennis Fun Games (age 14-17)

Tennis and pingpong games are natural ways of injecting fun into any day for teenagers. These games get kids engaged and exercised like never before. Tennis game for teenagers with games such as dodgeball, too and catch, foursquare tennis, tidy/messy, squash, ball balance, team tennis, send and receive and many more. These games and activities help build relationships between teens as they mostly require teamwork and strategy.

We are looking for tennis coaches who will give the necessary attention and commitment to the young people and offer their .

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