The lost ticket

15.04.2022 3 min

The beginning of my vision

It was 2018, I was running on the hamster wheel of a management consultant. Was away from my family Monday through Thursday earning a living. We were able to remodel a house with the money, send the kids to a good school and spend time together on the weekends. The quality of the time diminished more and more. I became more and more lonely during the long evenings in the hotel. Even daily sports bored me. Streaming services were getting duller and duller.

I bought a concert ticket. “Sunrise Avenue in Nuremberg.” The ticket was very expensive at over 80 euros. The money was debited from my account. The ticket was not delivered. Feeling 100 mails and call center calls later I still had no ticket. Nobody answered the phone either. A big ticket provider who had no desire to satisfy customers. The day of the concert came. I was sitting in my hotel.

My ticket had been lost. This moment was the beginning of many questions I asked myself.

  • How often can a family with children afford such tickets with all the associated costs of travel, lodging and meals?

  • Do people and families only experience active things together on vacation?

  • What do families experience together when there is not enough money for a vacation?

  • How many days a year do they actually still get active or do active things together?

  • How many times a year do happy moments, memories, and narratives occur?

  • Are more people running on a hamster wheel of job, providing for family and paying bills?

  • Is there enough of a share of happy moments in the year?

These reflections grew larger and more exciting. I slowly felt a vision emerging. At the end of 2018, I stopped consulting other companies for now. My vision wanted to be born. Three months later, the time had come.

Experiencing everyone’s talent together creates memories and friendships for life. Everyone for everyone and everyone together.

Everyone carries a talent within them. For many it gets lost in everyday life. They don’t even notice it. If you go in search of it, you will discover it. Many can cook very well. Many can’t cook at all. It would be ingenious, if a small common cooking evening were offered somewhere in front of the house door. There are 365 days in the year that are ideally suited to experience wonderful moments together and locally.

At the beginning of June 2019, the time had come, 99active.com was founded. Now I could realise all my skills in my own idea and company. It no longer felt like a boring “I still have to …”. The inner attitude turned to a “I still want to finish thinking or designing this”. My whole life changed. I was bursting with energy and ideas, thinking everything through once.

How incredibly wonderful it would be if many people could experience this feeling. To turn their own talent into a profession or a sideline. To no longer feel that they are working, because they are doing what burns in their hearts.

Do you want to turn your talent in a sideline or a profession?

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