Best of Winter 2021/2022

15.03.2022 4 min

The most beautiful experiences in winter 2022

Before spring really takes off, we reflect once again on the most beautiful of the winter.

The scavenger hunt started on 01.11.2021, a typically gray November day. The weather had little good humor left for us. Fortunately, we had written on the tickets “we run in any weather”. The children didn’t mind much and the parents didn’t want to go home either. They accompanied the running and discovering children, found plenty to talk about and were happy to have been outside for a nice round on such a gloomy, dark day. Without our scavenger hunt, it would have been a day “where you don’t send a dog out the door.” The kids were fully immersed in the adventure, searching for the next stations and the riddles, building little works of art out of leaves and sticks. There was even an airplane. The little 3 year old proudly presented it and explained: “but the plane hasn’t taken off yet”. In the end, all the children and also the parents were happy about the treasure and the warm cinnamon buns. The sky cleared, the sun came through, a rainbow.

The Cake Pop Adventure was an afternoon with lots of music, treats and wonderful dough. The children took great pleasure in shaping round or even “almost round” balls. One or the other ball went into the mouth. Luckily there was enough baked dough left for all the happy children. The smallest children were very excited to see when the decorating would start. When the chocolate arrived, everyone was happy. Afterwards they were all very thirsty and immediately told their parents all about the wonderful afternoon. Some of the parents had to taste the first cake pops in the doorway.

Fairy tales, riddles, wishes - even a stone of wishes was present on our wonderful tour through nature. Candles were placed along the route, Each candle marked the next riddle station. They were not so easy to find. The children proudly looked for the next station with their torches in their hands and wanted to hear the riddles straight away. We had a big storybook with us and had prepared riddles for 8 stations. The route was quite long - round about 2.5 km, which didn’t bother the children as much as the accompanying parents. It was wonderful to see the procession of children and parents with the torches going through the dark time. At the end there was a grilled sausage and children’s punch. A little moment of storytelling and happiness.

There were very few of us that evening. We were full of good ideas and lots of laughter and enjoyment. We painted beautiful pictures with acrylic glazes, chatted and enjoyed a snack. A lot of space for creativity and talking. We had a snack and a glass of wine, talked about colours and technique and everything we felt like. It was the evening where many beautiful ideas emerged and hidden talents were rediscovered. The combination of “creativity and food” was wonderful to discover “… I can cook super well, I could teach that to young people” and many more ideas came up during this creative evening.

We had the children’s Christmas bakery on offer for younger and older children. These “children’s bakery” sold out super fast. Almost as fast as fresh biscuits disappear in the mouth. The children were eager to roll the many prepared biscuit doughs, cut them out and place them on the trays. We scurried back and forth to the oven and back to the cookie bakery. There was always snacking and giggling. We passed the break between baking and decorating the biscuits with chocolate and sprinkles with music. We have played the “stop-and-go-dancing-game”. The children were laughing all the time. In the end, all 10 of the children’s fingers were covered in chocolate. The plates were filled and proudly handed to the parents.

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