The Adventure Starts

22.02.2022 3 min

Experiencing everyone’s talent together

The 99active online marketplace is like the weekly market. The friendly vendors are talented locals. Instead of fruit and vegetables, they offer their talent and sell tickets for adventures and experiences 365 days a year. The best place to meet new people and make new friends. The best place to try something new.

How the 99active adventure starts

We imagined ourselves as mountain bike guides, riding a great tour, coming home fulfilled in the evening. Full of memories and impressions. Time to arrive home. But from our point of view, it looks different. This guide has a full mailbox, hundreds of emails and messages on all chat channels every evening. Messages about ticket requests, cancellations, queries. Back and forth and hours of admin effort instead of arriving and resting….

We imagined a person with gifted skills in a traditional craft passing on that knowledge to others. Traditional knowledge not being lost. How a cashier loves to sew and design chic clothes for a living, but does not always want to sew alone. She wants to share her passion with others and create a balance between her job and going back to work on Monday.

We came up with more and more fun ideas of what could be offered. From “children’s water ball fight with summer cocktail mixing” to “skat evening with beer and nibbles” or “hiking tour through the mountains”.

Life is so colourful and diverse, it cannot be divided into categories.

It offers something exciting for every age group for each of the 365 days of the year. We decided to give all these wonderful moments a new name. We christened them .

People who want to offer create them and post them at the online marketplace. Everyone who wants to participate buys a ticket and the list of participants fills up. After the , the participants provide valuable feedback to us. Next, we pay out the revenue. We have created a separate portal for the customers where they can keep track of all their purchased and if something comes up, they can also cancel their tickets.

The suppliers also keep track of their . They can see the list of participants filling up, have an overview of the number of tickets they have sold and see how much they have earned. If an goes well, they can offer it on a new day in “copy-paste mode”. If you want to present yourself and your offers in even more detail, you can create your own provider homepage on 99active.com.

The vision comes to life

We have experienced a few and we wish for many more.

Children and adults and the providers have been there with beaming faces. They have experienced and told and retold. For many participants, the impulse was “What talent do I have? What could I offer?” Many people notice that there are barely any small exploits for children, hardly any experiences for older people to share together. Many people realize quite hidden interests “I would also like to knit a pair of socks”…. “I would like to learn French while shopping”…

People need each other, need delightful living moments deep inside. They have forgotten and unlettered to look for events and activities that can entice them. They now ask less “what would I like to experience at the weekend”. This is what it has come to. The whole of life lies under the cloak of trained passivity.

We should become more active again to finally experience wonderful moments with pleasure and contentment.

I am looking forward to what is coming. We will get active together.

Experiencing everyone’s talent together.