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Get paid to play outside with us!

Become an Outdoor Guide

Do you prefer the great outdoors? We're searching for a nature enthusiast who can't resist the call of the wild. 99active provides the activity platform for you. You provide memorable outdoor .

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Your Adventure Begins Here!

Guided Hikes
Guide participants on scenic hikes through local trails. And share your knowledge about the natural beauty, wildlife and history of the region.
Forest Adventures
Offer exciting scavenger hunts. Show children how to read animal tracks. Teach them about the diversity of the forest and all the wonders that live within it.
Mountain Bike Adventure
Plan exciting mountain bike excursions for riders of varying skill levels. Explore rugged terrain and scenic routes with your customers.
Campfire Stories
Gather people around a campfire for storytelling. Bring local legends, myths and personal narratives to life for an unforgettable experience.
Outdoor Cooking Classes
Teach participants to prepare delicious meals using traditional outdoor cooking methods, such as cooking over a campfire.
Astronomy Nights
Host stargazing evenings for those interested in astronomy. And provide opportunities to view celestial objects and constellations through telescopes.
Survival Camps
Offer comprehensive wilderness survival skills courses, including shelter building, fire building, and edible plant gathering. Share the knowledge of our ancestors.

What We're Searching For:

A nature enthusiast who can't resist the call of the wild.
A pro at reading maps and taking care of safety.
A master in the details of wilderness survival.
An animal whisperer or at least a good wildlife storyteller.

Your Path to Guiding Glory!

Reveal Hidden Gems
As an outdoor guide, you're the local legend, unveiling the secrets of your region to curious adventurers. Show them the beauty of your homeland from a unique perspective, and watch their eyes light up with awe.
Homegrown Heroes
With locals as your clientele, there's no need for long journeys or big expenses. A world of outdoor wonder lies at your doorstep, making each day's work an affordable, yet extraordinary experience.
Community Connection
Gather kindred spirits and unite the community through the great outdoors. Forge lasting bonds and create a tribe of nature enthusiasts who share your passion for exploration and adventure.
Flexible Freedom
Craft your own schedule and design outdoor excursions that suit your rhythm and preferences. It's all about finding the perfect balance between adventure and leisure, for you and your eager participants.
Your Earnings, Your Way
You determine your worth! Whether it's 50 € or 150 € per person, your rate is entirely in your control. The more you share your love for the outdoors, the greater your rewards.

Get Paid to Play Outside! Apply now.

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