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Thread Your Way Into the World of Needlework Education!

Become a Needlework Coach

Ready to thread your way into the world of needlework education? We are looking for a true guru in the realm of needle and thread. You provide memorable textile crafting .

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Embark on Your Needlework Adventure With Us!

Guide course participants through the essentials of knitting, from yarn selection to shaping comfortable garments. You’ll provide a foundation for creating cozy knitwear.
Teach beginners the art of crochet stitches, yarn selection, and pattern exploration. You’ll empower them to create stylish and warm scarves.
Mending and Alterations
Share your expertise in garment care. Teach participants how to repair tears, replace buttons, and achieve the perfect fit through mending and alterations.
Quilting for Beginners
Introduce quilting enthusiasts to the art of quilting. You’ll cover the basics of fabric selection, piecing, and finishing to create beautiful and functional quilts.
Basic Quilted Pot Holders
Introduce individuals to quilting through small yet impactful projects, teaching basic quilting techniques and creating a supportive learning environment.
Hand Embroidery Fundamentals
Explore the creative side of sewing by guiding students through the various embroidery stitches. You’ll show them how to embellish fabrics with beautiful and unique designs.
Simple Tote Bag Sewing
Impart essential sewing skills, including cutting fabric, sewing straight seams, and adding closures, as students customize their own versatile tote bags.

What We're Looking For:

A master of perfect stitches, effortlessly guiding others.
A master of all things fabric and thread.
An artistic yarn whisperer who creates warmth with every stitch.
A quilt maestro who gives every old piece of fabric a second chance.

Your Path to Stitching Success!

Uncover Unseen Treasures
As a skilled sewing instructor, you're the artisan, revealing the intricacies of the craft to eager learners. Display the beauty of the art from a distinctive perspective. And witness their eyes light up with inspiration.
Homegrown Artisans
With community members as your students, there's no need for extensive travel or hefty expenses. A realm of creative wonders awaits right at your fingertips. So you can turn each day's class into an affordable yet extraordinary experience.
Community Connection
Unite fellow stitching enthusiasts and foster a sense of community through collaborative artistic pursuits. Cultivate lasting connections to shape a collective of creative minds who share your passion for sewing exploration and imaginative crafting journeys.
Flexible Freedom
Tailor your own schedule. Design sewing sessions that align with your rhythm and preferences. It's all about finding the perfect balance between creativity and comfort, both for you and your eager learners.
Your Earnings, Your Way
You set your value! Whether it's 50 € or 150 € per person, your rate is completely in your control. The more you share your passion for needlework, the greater your rewards.

Thread Your Way Into the World of Needlework Education!

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