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Unleash Your Inner Picasso – Join Our Colorful Crew!

Become a Creativity Coach

Are you a passionate painter? We're looking for a coach who can turn blank canvases into beautiful works of art. 99active provides the activity platform for you. You provide memorable creative .

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Unleash your creative journey from here!

Watercolor Painting
Introduce your participants to the beauty of watercolor painting. Show them the wide range of brush strokes that create different shades on the canvas.
Acrylic Painting
Offer acrylic painting classes for beginners to experienced artists. Let your participants swing the brush and support them to bring their ideas to life.
Pottery Class
Offer pottery classes and accompany your participants on a creative journey into the world of ceramics. Show them how to sculpt beautiful and unique works of art from clay.
Calligraphy Course
Teach the art of calligraphy and show your students the beauty of written language. Let them create impressive works of written art with ink and pen.
Glass Fusion Course
Immerse yourself in the world of glass fusion. Schedule workshops where participants learn to cut, combine, and fuse glass to create stunning works of art.
Soapstone Sculpture Class
Teach beginners as they create sculptures from soapstone. Show them how to work with this unique material and turn it into astonishing creations.
Pencil Drawing Course
Offer pencil drawing classes and take your participants on a journey through the world of sketching and shading. Show them how to create amazing artwork with simple pencils.

What We're Seeking:

A true art maestro who can make paints dance on canvas.
A sculptor with a magic touch for turning clay into captivating creations.
A color wizard who can paint the world with a kaleidoscope of imagination.
A patient mentor who can nurture creativity and inspire others to find their artistic muse.

Your Journey to Unlocking Creative Brilliance!

Unearth the Treasures Within
As a creativity coach, you're the imaginative maestro. You have the ability to unveil the hidden wonders within your customers. You illuminate the beauty of their inner landscapes from a fresh perspective and witness their eyes sparkle with inspiration.
Nurturing Local Talents
With your local creatives as your audience, there's no need for extensive travel or hefty expenses. The realm of imaginative marvels is readily available, turning each day's coaching into an affordable yet exceptional experience.
Community Connection
Bring together like-minded souls. And connect the community through the expansive canvas of creativity. Cultivate enduring connections by forming a collective of artistic enthusiasts who echo your excitement for exploration and imaginative journeys.
Flexible Freedom
Craft your own schedule. Design creativity sessions that suit your rhythm and preferences. Discovering the ideal harmony between creative exploration and relaxation is key both for you and your enthusiastic participants.
Your Earnings, Your Way
You are the architect of your value! Whether it's 50 € or 150 € per person, your rate is completely in your control. The more you express your passion for creativity, the greater the rewards you unlock.

Unleash Your Inner Picasso – Join Our Colorful Crew!

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